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The Winter Issue of Modern In Denver is out now! It has everything you want for your holiday downtime! You might be interested in our intensive research into modern pes products, iPhone apps that Denver Creatives are using or the State of the Art(ificial) Grass. Be sure to cozy up next to the fire to read this issue’s feature on Joseph Eichler. Don’t forget to spread the love this holiday season and get a copy for the mod lover in your family! A few places you can find a copy: Tattered Cover Bookstores, Mod Livin’, Mod Mood, The Kirkland Museum, select Whole Foods and Sunflower Markets in Denver and Boulder, and Barnes and Noble Bookstores. You can also sign up to receive the next issue of Modern In Denver in your mailbox, subscribe HERE.








Joseph Eichler

What could the iPhone possibly have to do with a California housing developer from the mid- 20th Century? Plenty. Find out how one man’s commitment to smart, simple modern home design made ripples across the country – to Denver and beyond – and even inspired revolutionary technology we enjoy today.








Artificial Grass

Do you get sick of mowing your lawn? Or frustrated when your grass turns brown when you only forgot to water for a couple days? Is it hard to balance your commitment to saving water, while at the same time wanting a green lawn? Have you given any thought to artificial grass as a solution? Most homeowners haven’t, but maybe you should. Get an intro to artificial turf here!








Modern Pets

We can’t help it. We go crazy over our pets. And everyone else’s pets.  Now you can go crazy over well designed pet products. Whether you are looking for your dog, cat, fish, or bird, we have you covered. We sniffed out the best products to compliment your modern home and make the other doggies at the park jealous.








The 8 Foot House

William Buyers of 720 Design produced a uniquely sustainable house from the ground up. A rigorous architectural plan to not cut raw materials resulted in an innovative home that shows how unnecessary waste can be. The 8 foot house rearranges traditional living spaces and the traditional building process.








Denver Creatives’ Favorite Apps

How excited are you when you find a new, great app? The iPhone is essentially an extension of individual personalities. And with over half a million iPhone apps available to date, we wanted to see what apps Colorado creatives were using and what we should be downloading next.








Artist Profile: Mindy Bray

Until recently, Mindy Bray’s work was entirely uncollectable. Much of Mindy’s works were installations directly on gallery walls – large, yet momentary additions to their contiguous surroundings. Until recently, the majority of her work was short-lived: at the end of each exhibition each piece would be painted over. Learn more about Mindy’s interesting techniques in this issue’s Artist Profile.








An Urban Sanctuary

Upon completion of the Spire Building, Debby McGee left the suburbs, minimizing her belongings, and turning her space into a reflection of her travels. Take a look at modern living in small spaces and see how cb studio and Swiss Milk Studio helped Debby make the most of her Spire apartment.








In Print

Look no further for recently published books for inspiration and education. Our reviews will let you in the know and maybe give you a great gift idea.








Ingredients Article

The chef + the recipe + the tools + our camera! We hung out with Chef Justin Brunson at the Studio 2b +Segmento Kitchen by Poggenpohl learning how to make a delicious Cioppino. You will want to add this to your warm winter recipes.









The Diesel store at Cherry Creek Mall has a new location and a new look. Check out the new approach Italian designers took on for the opening of Diesel’s new location.


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