A New Way to Save in 2015

2014 BMW All-Electric i3 Press Drive.Our Wheels for a Week giveaway is in full swing, putting one winner in the driver’s seat of a BMW i3 for a week! There’s a lot we love about this vehicle from its zero emissions to the modern interior. But with 2015 New Year’s resolutions at our doorstep, right now, we’re all about the savings!

bmw-i3-dc-fast-charger-031First of all, owning the all-electric i3 means no more trips to the gas pump. A home charging station sets you back on electricity a mere $30 each month, and you’ll feel better knowing everyone around you can breathe a little easier. Compare that with the average $144 monthly gas station fill up!

Then there’s the cost of the car itself. While most high-end, all-electric cars are akin to the price of a condo, the BMW i3 starts in the $30,000 range with all the rebates. That’s right, the second you step on the lot, you can count on $7,500 coming off the sticker price with federal tax credits and another $6,000 with Colorado state tax credits. It’s more attainable than you think. 

Finally, there’s the leasing option. Until the end of February, the folks at Schomp BMW are offering a $369 monthly deal to lease an all-new i3. Not to shabby for a luxury brand—and the most consciously sustainable of its kind.

Leave dieting to the birds. Keeping more money in the bank with the cost savings on the BMW i3 is a New Year’s resolution we can get behind!

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