Why We Love the BMW i3

bmwIn conjunction with our Wheels for a Week giveaway, at Modern In Denver, we’ve extended a test drive on a BMW i3 to share with you first-person what’s so amazing about this all-electric ride. After driving around Denver for a few months, check out the top five things we love about the i3. And if you see us in the Modern In Denver i3, be sure to say hello!

We love the eucalyptus dash, and the interior is roomy! Our staff is tall, and we’ve enjoyed the extra space gained from the lack of a center tunnel. In fact, when parked, you can stretch out your legs across the entire front floor board, lie back, and read a copy of Modern In Denver! Because the interior space is no longer divided, it is easy to switch sides and exit the vehicle on the opposite side, when necessary, which is very convenient in tight parking situations. 

If there’s one thing we notice when we’re driving, it’s that we get looks! The i3 exterior design is like no other vehicle out there, and whenever we stop, people want to check it out. We have even had tour busses stop to take photos of it! The i3 is an exciting next step for the automobile industry, but it’s not just because of its looks.

Our favorite thing about the car by far is its lack of dependency on fossil fuels. We were unsure at first what it would be like to charge an electric vehicle, but it’s a breeze. Just plug it into an outlet or charging station and go! We feel better knowing we’re driving a car with zero emissions and truly living the modern lifestyle. 

Known in the past as “suicide doors,” the rear-hinged doors have come a long way in terms of safety and convenience since the days of the horse and carriage. Rear-hinged doors make entering and exiting a vehicle easier, allowing a passenger to enter by turning to sit and exit by stepping forward and out. We’ve found it super handy for stashing bags and outerwear in a much quicker and effortless motion than traditional sedans.

The i3 sits up high, allowing riders to look out over the interior landscape, offering the perks of SUV visibility without the environmental impact. This raised seating position provides a clear view in city traffic and makes entering and exiting the vehicle much more comfortable than our compact daily driver. We’ll definitely be sad to return this car back to Schomp BMW!

To get your chance behind the wheel, enter the Wheels for a Week giveaway, where we’re putting one lucky winner in the driver’s seat for a whole week plus $1000 in prizes!

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