Must-See Midnight Modern Photos from Palm Springs

8e3fe9755f042b84-1070EApacheFront-1While we didn’t make it to Palm Springs for Modernism Week this year, we’re excited to be able to enjoy this incredible “Midnight Modern” exhibit from afar that photographer Tom Blachford is debuting at the show. 

dd6d6241d3711e3c-1070EApacheSideThe photos, pictured, have drawn attention for the dramatic impact of shooting mid-century architecture by moonlight. On Blachford’s most recent trip to Palm Springs, he captured some of the most iconic houses under a full moon, which will be exhibited for the first time within the architecture that forms the subject matter. 

f0340e125043b9ca-MM_Webiste-9Check out a few of our favorites here, and for those lucky to be in Palm Springs, don’t miss this chance to see the exhibit in person during the Iconic Home Tour & Party: Midnight Modern Exhibit in Twin Palms.

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