Get Cookin’—Our Favorite Grills

Whether grilling on your balcony or tailgating with your friends, contemporary cookers help design a well-done experience. Today’s grills have grown up! By including solar components, smartphone apps, and new means of mobility, you’ll have gustatory greatness right at your fingertips. Marinate on these modern means of meat (or meatless) machines. 


Is the grill hot yet? How many burners are lit? Did you remember to turn it off? You’ll never have to ask those pesky questions again with the EDGE™ grill by SABER®, which allows you to check on its status from an app! EDGE is one of the first products built on the DADO platform—unveiled at CES 2015—and brings the “Internet of Things” concept to household appliances. Connecting via Wi-Fi to both iOS and Android devices, the EDGE brings both beauty and brains to your next BBQ.


This retro charcoal grill gives more than just a nod to mid-century design—the Portable Kitchen PK 99740 Cast Aluminum Grill and Smoker is an exact reproduction of an original 1950s grill. While its looks are vintage, the grill touts all the modern functionality of today: This heavy-duty cast aluminum charcoal grill radiates heat, so food cooks more evenly—without constant turning—and it will never rust. Since the cooking section detaches from the lightweight aluminum carriage, the entire unit can be quickly disassembled for a camping trip.


What MacBook Air did for laptops the HotSpot Notebook has done for grills. Folding sleek and flat in just seconds, this light and cleverly designed charcoal grill has transformed grilling on the go. The best part? When folded flat, it becomes its own carrying case. 


Whether you want to grill on your balcony, tailgate at a game, or cook out at the park, you can count on the charcoal Eva Solo To Go Grill. Its compact size makes it easy to move, and the handles stay cool even when the grill is hot. The nylon strap holds all parts together, with the top lid doubling as a dome cover when you lift it. Easy to clean and easy on the eyes, the To Go Grill is quickly becoming our go-to grill. 


Whatever you do, don’t call it a grill. The GoSun Sport can steam, bake, fry, roast, and boil. It’s fuel free, super portable, and cooks a full meal in 20 minutes. So just what is this next-gen dream appliance? A solar cooker! Running on solar power even on cloudy days, the GoSun is the next step in cooking innovation and technology. With a sleek, stainless steel shell reminiscent of the tail of a ’57 Chevy, it packs a sleek retro vibe with modern eco sensibilities. 


Nothing puts the kibosh on a cookout faster than an empty propane tank. With Refuel, you’ll never get caught off guard by said BBQ bummer again. This super smart propane tank gauge connects to the Wink app on your mobile device, so no matter where you are, you’ll always know when it’s time to refuel. 

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