Mountain Firm Comes to Denver

For Vertical Arts Architecture, it’s all about expansion! The Steamboat Springs firm recently added a Denver locale and branched out with its store, Stēl House + Home. Read on as Vertical Arts Founder and Principal Brandt Vanderbosch gives us the lay of the land. 

Pearson Dusk #3 17mbMID: Tell us the impetus for your expansion to Denver.
Denver and Front Range projects and clients have been a mainstay of our firm for years. Not only that, but the city is known nationally as a hotspot for architectural talent. Recently, one of our major contracts increased our project load substantially, and we decided it was time to open a Denver office. We believe that our mountain modern design style can bring some new flavor into the metro area. 

MID: How have your projects shifted since the expansion?
VA: The focus of our work has remained the same—custom residential and commercial design. The approach we take with each project is unique to the owners and their specific site rather than a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all mentality. The expansion into Denver allows us to reach a new client base and still provide them with the catered, custom design Vertical Arts is known for. We’re currently working on projects in Cherry Creek and Bow Mar as well as further south in Larkspur. The central location of a Denver office makes it much easier to provide top-notch service to our existing and future clients.

MID: What inspired you to branch into retail with Stēl House + Home?
VA: At Vertical Arts we believe every aspect of a design from site location down to furniture selection adds to the authenticity of a place.  Our firm prides itself on offering a full range of services in-house, including interior design. Stēl House + Home evolved from a desire to have an interior design store and showroom to highlight that part of our firm. The store is full of authentic vintage, contemporary, and custom products, which we hope will intrigue our clients and customers. We’re especially proud of the furniture and pillows designed by our team and made right here in Colorado. 

MID: What sets your firm apart?
VA: We really listen and take the time to know our clients and their family as friends. Making the connection and committing to the process are crucial to getting the design right. After all, it’s really about creating the client’s ideal custom home or commercial design.  

MID: What do you want people to know about Vertical Arts that they might not know?
VA: That we offer landscape design and interior design services, too! In fact, every custom home design comes with landscape design. That’s a huge value for our clients and one less thing for them to worry about! Also, this year is our 10th anniversary! Thanks to each and every client, consultant, and contractor who we’ve designed with in the last decade. We look forward to making many new friends and completing many projects in the Denver area in the next 10 years!

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