Photos: Abandoned Modern Homes

It’s been a year since we ran Ron Pollard’s photo essay of the abandoned Cinderella City mall, so imagine our delight when we came across these photos of abandoned mid-century modern homes! Many of the images here appear in a book on Bruno Mathsson, one of Swedish modernism’s leading designers, capturing two of his architectural works. Scroll to see those and a collection of other abandoned mid-century modern works, including this one just below from Frank Lloyd Wright (since restored).


mid-century_modern_abandoned_18-2 mid-century_modern_abandoned_15 mid-century_modern_abandoned_9 mid-century_modern_abandoned_10 mid-century_modern_abandoned_8 mid-century_modern_abandoned_12 mid-century_modern_abandoned_11 Mid-Century_Modern_Abandoned_16 mid-century_modern_abandoned_14 mid-century_modern_abandoned_13 Besser Vibrapac panorama #3 Mid-Century_Modern_Abandoned_17 FK15.2004 FK05.2004 FK03.2003


Photos by or courtesy of Chris Mottalini, Peter Beers, Julian Weyer, The Mover, Lushpad

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