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Bill Ward

SILVER BULLETS—not just for light beers and lycanthropes, the Airstream trailer barreling down the interstate is an iconic image of Americana. Thanks to a Colorado company’s rental option, that experience isn’t relegated to outright ownership. “Many people don’t realize you can rent them,” said Bill Ward, founder of Living Airstream. “They’re perceived as top-of-the-line luxury items, but they are actually very accessible.” Additional locations for the fast-growing enterprise include California (four), North Carolina, and Arizona. The cult status surrounding Airstream is due in large part to the publicity work of Airstream Inc.’s founder Wally Byam, who once took the trailer on a fabled trek from Cape Town to Cairo. Continent-crossing isn’t necessary to enjoy the experience, though. In addition to trailers, Living Airstream provides tow vehicle rental options for closer getaways. Don’t feel like driving? You can also get a fully-stocked trailer delivered to your preferred vacation location (multi-colored owl lights and Kiss the Cook apron not included). Iconic brands have broad staying power with emotional attachment, and it’s no different with these anodized land zeppelins. “A lot of people had an Airstream, or had family with one,” said Ward. “Many people of different ages are seeing it as a cool way to travel and want to have that experience for themselves, firsthand.” With interest in the trailer spanning generations, it’s only fitting that the inventory would match; from the preserved vintage 1962 Silver Streak Sabre to the contemporarily outfitted 2011 Airstream International, renters can pick their own take on this classic. 

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