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We love the way our community serves up a nice warm cup of radical creation. And since fall is a time for piping potations—and we’re suckers for a good pun— we asked some of our favorite Rocky Mountain roustabouts to line up for a booking with beverages. These aren’t your average mean mugs, though. You’ll find expressive elements in each cup, from a Polaroid-tinged photo flashback to a secret stash for your looted macaroons. This season, let’s get caught in the act of creating something great, and raise a toast to totally transgressive design.




Graeme Nistler, Denver Modern Fence

About: Formerly seen on air and heard on the airwaves, Graeme Nistler traded in the microphone and camera for a hammer and restored two mid-century modern Cliff May homes. “At that time, there wasn’t a company that designed and built fences that complemented great architecture, hence Denver Modern Fence was born,” he said.
Takes his coffee: “black, like my jaded soulless heart. Kidding. I do take my coffee black though.”
Celeb booking number: David Bowie


Dan Sjogren, Sjotime Industries

About: After a history degree, a music degree, and 10 years in web design, Dan Sjogren switched gears, and since 2009, he has been designing and fabricating custom furniture, home accessories, and custom millwork. He and his team are working on custom furniture for a coffee shop on Tennyson and unique pieces for a corporate headquarters in downtown Denver.
Takes his coffee: black and “either very hot or very cold.”
Celeb booking number: Johnny Cash


Elish Warlop, Elish Warlop Design Studio

About: Five years ago, Elish Warlop left architecture and construction management to pursue her love of making and design. Elish Warlop Design Studio is a firm focusing on the creation of unique lighting and furniture. She recently paired with Design Within Reach for her first design, “Rings of Fire.”
Takes her coffee: large, iced, and with a little bit of soy.
Celeb booking number: Jane Fonda


Brian Patty, Vertical Arts Architecture

About: Senior Project Manager Brian Patty has a vast background designing many types of buildings in array of different climates ranging from the Midwest to the Front Range and the Rocky Mountains and even beyond to the Andes Mountains of Perú. Vertical Arts is celebrating its 10th anniversary and has offices in Steamboat, Denver and the Vail Valley.
Takes his coffee: black and “preferably locally roasted, hand ground, and French pressed. Denver’s great isn’t it?”
Celeb booking number: Al Pacino


Kate Bailey, Month of Modern

About: President of Annabel Media, Kate Bailey has spent 17 years in lifestyle media—consulting, editing, writing, public relations, marketing, advertising, and social media. Upcoming projects include Month of Modern in October, and TARRA, a multi-media network dedicated to women in design.
Takes her coffee: double shot espresso—black
Celeb booking number: Snoop Dogg


Joseph Vigil, WORKSHOP8

About: Joseph Vigil was born in San Francisco and split his youth there and in Colorado with a year-long stint in Chile while his mother was in the Peace Corps. Being raised around artists and social workers, it was natural for him to grow and focus his work on projects that benefit the public. He and WORKSHOP8 tend to work on projects that are modern, sustainable, and affordable to build.
Takes his coffee: “No coffee for this mug. I don’t touch the stuff! Give me sweet, creamy chai, and I’m a happy boy.”
Celeb booking number: OJ Simpson


Tyler Hardie, Studio Como

About: Creative Director Tyler Hardie is a “content-creating, hot-rod-building, bicycle-riding family man who lives in the city while always dreaming of the wilderness.”
Takes his coffee: black
Celeb booking number: Mick Jagger


Antonio Romero, Porcelanosa

About: Originally from Spain, Antonio Romero went to law school overseas before working with Porcelanosa in 2009 and moving to the U.S. in 2013. Their first Colorado location opened in 2014, “bringing the latest in interior design finishes to Denver.”
Takes his coffee: “I do my coffee in the morning with a traditional Moka pot. I mix the coffee with some hot milk and add some sugar.”
Celeb booking number: Elvis Presley

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