Hello, Haley Custom Homes

Looking for a custom home builder or remodeling company? Meet Haley Custom Homes, founded in 1998 by Colorado native and entrepreneur, Dan Haley Fuller. From 2,000 square feet to 20,0000+, Haley Custom Homes caters to the modernist or traditionalist.  


But what makes them unique? “We use a building technique on all of our homes, that the Japanese invented,” said Fuller. It took the firm nearly three years to implement the practice, but Fuller said he has found it to be “the most beneficial thing I have ever done for my companies.”  


The method? Haley follows the LEAN Construction Methodology, a progressive approach to building a home that focuses on eliminating waste, trimming build time, and increasing efficiency. Every client is assigned a supervisor and project manager/estimator. And with the housing demand of late, they’ve recently adapted a one-supervisor-per-job standard to ensure quality.  

Gillingham Family-fire

Let’s welcome Haley Custom Homes to the Modern In Denver community and reach out for your next remodel, new build, penthouse, or pop top.  

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