A Focus on Good Design


We love that our community eats, sleeps, and breathes good design. Take for instance Distinctive Mantel Designs. A full-service provider for fireplaces, their priorities go beyond the product. “We are a forward-thinking, design-based company first and foremost,” said VP Eric Walden. “We work with our clients (designers, architects, builders, and homeowners) to achieve the best possible design for their projects.”

Founded in 1989, Distinctive Mantel Designs provides stone fireplace mantels weighing only 200-500 pounds, which can be installed by a crew of two people in half the time of a carved stone mantel. “We specialize in the high-end fireplace market, and we aren’t just selling you a fireplace that you will need to finish around,” said Walden. “We take the entire project into consideration and suggest the best fireplace for your functional and aesthetic needs. We aren’t focused on the dollar amount of the transaction or our net return. We are more concerned with designing what is requested and in the best interest of the client’s needs.”

The fireplace wall can be one of the most important architectural elements in your home, and Distinctive Mantel Designs is capable handling any portion of the project from start to finish, which allows the client to have one point of contact. “This reduces the clients need to manage multiple trades to complete their project,” said Walden. 

After meeting, Distinctive Mantel Designs will create 3D renderings of your fireplace and mantel selections, which provide a great scaled visual of how the final product will look. “Our service is paramount, because there can arise problems in the construction process, but we always make sure to take care of our clients,” said Walden.

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