Kitchen Design—with Convenience

Kuchnia_1From design to delivery, remodeling a kitchen can be a chore. But Baczewski Luxury promises a stress-free experience for its customers. “We take care of the entire process from design to door delivery, where designers do not have to worry about dealing with production, logistics, and technical solutions,” said President Gregory Nikov. 

Produced in Poland and with finishes from Italy, German, and Austria, Baczewski Luxury provides a minimalistic approach to design while delivering easy adjustments to your personal needs and large range of durable surfaces.


Baczewski Luxury brings to Denver the newest trends in fashion and smart ergonomic design directly from Europe. All doors and drawer are equipped with BLUM soft closing system, and they have a variety of finishes from lacquer in high gloss to a fingerprint-free matte finish.

Kuchnia_3They offer systems that help users to make best use of available space and to streamline kitchen work processes. Everything is in its perfect place; everything is within reach. 


“We would like to provide for all designers from Denver the opportunity to create modern and beautiful kitchens and interiors without stress,” said Nikov. “With all our variety of possibilities we can create unique and original kitchens or interiors allowing designers to rise above traditional and well-known projects, creating fresh and modern designs.”

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