The Customer-Driven Kitchen Revolution

Big changes are coming to the most important room of the house. And it’s not all about technology.


There’s a shift taking place in how people spend their money, with a growing number of experience-driven buyers looking to invest in good design. This is especially true in the kitchen, where preparing food is only part of the story. Today’s consumers also want a place to create memorable experiences.

But who exactly are these customers? What drives their excitement in design? And what new technologies appeal to their wants and needs while also providing lasting value? The minds behind several of our city’s most respected (and most successful) kitchen-related businesses come together on Tuesday, July 12 to discuss all this and more for The New Kitchen Consumer: How User Experience Has Changed the Most Important Room in the House

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Whether you’re interested in learning how this shift affects kitchen designers or just curious to see examples of what’s right versus what’s wrong, here’s a session that just about anyone can enjoy. Plus: we’re providing lunch! What kind of maniac says no to such a great offer?

But Wait, There’s More!

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