Denver Startup Week: Top 10 MID Picks


Denver Startup Week is back September 12-16, celebrating the very best in tech and entrepreneurship—and with a heavy dose of design. Explore the Designer and Maker Tracks for sessions ranging from architecture to virtual reality. (And the best part: It’s all free!) Read on for the top 10 Modern In Denver design picks during Denver Startup Week.



Too Big To Share

Why we love it: As champions of good commercial design, we’re excited to see others exploring office trends, too. Get a chance to chat about the latest at this session in the Gensler office among real estate owners, developers, advisors, startup veterans, and designers.



The Shift from Mass Production to Mass Customization

Why we love it: Jordan Vaughn is redefining how things get made locally in Denver. If you missed his tour during Denver Design Week, now’s your chance to see the Vonmod studio and CNC technology first-hand.




Designing in Virtual Reality

Why we love it: We’re big fans of VR and its new place in design. And in this session, you’ll get to try out the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Google Cardboard and learn about the evolution of the VR field.


punch bowl

Experience Design: A Look Inside Punch Bowl Social Stapleton

Why we love it: It’s UX in real life—through the lens of interior design. The OZ design and branding team will go beyond the surface to break down the Punch Bowl Social experience design, focusing on the brand DNA, brand integration, signature spaces, and the driving force behind the concepts.


Union station

A Primer on Public-Private Partnerships for Designers

Why we love it: Amidst all the growth and development in Denver’s built environment, we’ve left out discussion on what the rest of the world has already caught on to—Public-Private Partnerships. Learn the basics at this session hosted by Denver’s Office of Economic Development.


Digital city

Creating a Smart City – Not a Task for a Single Startup

Why we love it: We geek out over discussion on tech and the built environment. But when it comes to actually making a digitally connected urban happen, what will it take? A village.



The Sharpest Building in Town

Why we love it: Our friends at Slifer, Smith & Frampton – Denver are hosting this tour of our newest favorite building downtown, The Triangle Building. Come learn about the innovative energy strategies used and did we mention the doughnuts?



Inside a Design Mind: Justin Cucci of Edible Beats

Why we love it: Justin Cucci (of Root Down, Linger, and new Vital Root notoriety) is known for creating eclectic spaces. Now we get the chance to learn the how and the why behind the design in a a one-on-one interview with MCA Director Adam Lerner.


Design Making

Design Making

Why we love it: Not many people realize what goes into the making of that desk, that car, or a wheelchair. This session puts you into the shoes of an industrial designer for a day in a fun, workshop format.



DSW Designer Track Opening Happy Hour

Why we love it: What’s education without a community? Celebrate with those in the design world to kick the whole thing off.



Peruse the entire Denver Startup Week schedule and make your own now!


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