Denver Lands Another Top Retailer

Colorado’s home furnishings market continues to swell with a new signature retail outlet from internationally recognized designers Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.


mitchell-gold-bob-williams-35-low-resMitchell Gold has been traveling long enough to remember when high style and fine dining were relegated to a handful of coastal cities. Throughout a decades-long career in the home furnishings business, he’s experienced a shift in the wants and needs of his customers—and of the environments around them.

“I’ve been in this business a long time,” said Gold during a recent visit to Denver, “and when I worked at Bloomingdale’s, there was some regionality. But in today’s, world people are much more stylish in every city. It also used to be that New York had the good food, Los Angeles had the good food, and maybe Dallas had a little. Now every city has great restaurants.”

As a result, the design landscape as a whole has changed dramatically. Cities like Denver are quietly amassing world-class talent in fields ranging from tech entrepreneur to culinary wunderkind. With such an influx of cultural capital, populations are swelling and, when paired with the our seemingly infinite access to cutting edge trends from around the world, the demand for high quality design has followed suit. 

Gold, along with longtime business partner Bob Williams, made the trip to Denver last week to celebrate the opening of their signature store’s new location in Cherry Creek. What started humbly in a small North Carolina town more than 25 years ago has steadily grown to a worldwide presence in the home furnishings market. The Denver location is one of 30 signature stores spanning four countries. From Montreal to Beverly Hills, nearly every part of North America is covered.

“This was Bob’s and my vision for how a store should look,” said Gold of the gleaming new digs. “When you walk in here, there’s space between settings. A customer can stand and envision the way it would look in their home. And then we spend a long time training our people so they’re selling factually and really helping the customers.”

After two years in a smaller footprint they refer to as a preview store, the opening of their new space coincides nicely with the launch of their 2016 fall line. We asked Gold and Williams to share a few of their personal favorites. And now we’re sharing them with you.


This 40 x 30-inch wall sculpture doubles as dynamic mood lighting. The 28 steel shades are finished in matte nickel, and each shade has room for two 25-watt bulbs that can be mixed and matched (or put on a dimmer) to customize mood lighting to your taste. “It comes in a uniform piece, but you can play with it to create different forms,” said Williams.
581-sectional_103645_hero-2DR. PITT SECTIONAL

Designed for upscale family-room living, Gold and Williams describe this piece as the modern interpretation of a disco-era classic. Pull the sections apart or push them together—the configurations are limited only by what your imagination can conjure!


lp_windowtreatments_fall16_06WINDOW TREATMENTS
For the first time, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams have produced a collection of draperies and high-end hardware in a wide variety of styles, fabrics, and colors.“One of the good things about not having something in the market already is that when you’re going to do it, you can really look to see what’s available and what’s missing,” said Gold. Of particular interest is the choice to focus on richer hardwoods and a special black chrome finish—and the choice to make all their window treatments in their own American factory.

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