Modern Design Meets Boulder


WORDS: Jahla Seppanen | IMAGES: Lisa Doane

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We’re off to the races as Boulder’s Month of Modern (MoM) returned to the Flatiron basin this past Thursday, Oct. 5., bringing more sessions and greater opportunities for modern enthusiasts to catch the latest aesthetic trends happening in their backyard. Yes, Boulder may be small compared to modern design Meccas like NYC, Chicago and even Denver, but it’s presence and enthusiasm for modern design can be measured far beyond its population count, visible through the neighborhoods, office buildings, and of course, along Pearl— such as the brilliant Topo Wall at Pearl West by Shears Adakins Rockmore Architects (featured in the newest issue of Modern in Denver). Presented by HMH Architecture + Interiors and Jennifer Egbert Modern Luxury Real Estate, MoM scales up this year with an expansion in programming that includes double sessions and larger hosting spaces.[divider scroll_text=” “]

According to Stephanie Bingham, Marketing and Operations for HMH, the greater supply is being met with equal, if not more, demand. “Last year we sold out all of our events within a week,” she tells MID. “This year we increased our venue sites as much as we can, but it’s difficult to do in Boulder.”

Three of the main MoM events were sold out before the Thursday kick-off, so if you’re seeking tickets for either screening of Koolhaas HouseLife or the expert panel on “Demystifying the Building Process,” you’re out of luck. (Reserve sooner next year.) The last panels with open (albeit dwindling) availability include, “Modern Materials for Contemporary Design,” a one-hour educational session focused on modern design materials and their characteristics. Attendees will gain access to some of the sleekest product trends being used in Front Range design from Element Designs. Only one of the two sessions has availability. Get your tickets here.

Meanwhile “Quartz Fabrication” on Oct. 12 brings a Cambria fabricator to stage, discussing the many applications of quartz surfaces. Plus, how these slabs are created from the hardest mineral on earth. *Design trend alert: watch for increasing uses of quartz in the coming year.

Another trend presentation dubbed, “Colormix,” forecast three unique color palettes that draw from emerging global trends, courtesy of Sherwin Williams. (Digital green and high-def yellow are two.)However the session we’re most fascinated with is “Ventilated Façade Systems,” where we’ll get a dissected look at how a number of projects from Porcelanosa are able to use external cladding to reduce energy costs by 30%. If you haven’t heard much about these systems, get ahead of the curve as the Façade movement makes its way from Europe and Asia to U.S. soil. Porcelanosa will also be spinning a DJ set at the official MoM Wrap Party Oct. 26 if the final seat is taken to their educational session. In fact, many of the interior designers, architects, contractors, realtors, and fellow modern partisans will be in attendance at the Wrap Party, which MoM moved from a lit-up museum to a new venue at 1724 Broadway that gives the vibe of an “electric moody house party,” says Bingham.[divider scroll_text=” “]

2017 MoM Kick Off0168

These changes in MoM’s fourth year promise to push both the design and spirit of the developing event to evolve with more intriguing formats to include architects, design professionals, and the enthusiastic public. “We want to celebrate the businesses, organizations, and individuals who elevate industry standards and drive the modern movement forward,” adds Bingham. “We hope that the conversations started here will create a better awareness of Colorado modern design…we’ve come a long way from the 1970s Boulder strip malls and ugly government buildings. And now, with so many people moving to the region and seeking to simplify their lifestyles, Colorado is seeing a resurgence of modern design.” But what will that design look like? HMH believes, “The marriage of warmer materials with the principles of modern (clean lines, simple forms, and lots of light), sustainability, and indoor/outdoor connections.” But you should hear it from them yourself at MoM.

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