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PORTRAITS: James Florio
The romanticized myth of the solitary genius makes for some admittedly compelling imagery and anecdote, but in the end, it’s collaboration and collective vision—the forces of our shared passions—that drive progress in a city as rapidly expanding as this one. In that spirit, we are thrilled to begin this new year by introducing you to a series of designers, architects, and creatives from across Denver who have shared with us their hopes and anticipations for 2018. Over the next several weeks, we will acquaint you with the remarkable amalgam of energy and perspective that make up our creative community, all anchored in one central fact: we have a lot to look forward to.

Cameron Minor

“In 2018 I’m looking forward green roofs, photovoltaics and cross laminated timber! I am very excited to be working on tres birds largest design build project to date.”


Cherie Goff

“This year I’m looking forward to being bold. The current political climate, the wild weather and the “Me Too” movement of 2017 has made a lot of us question the status quo. I think it is time to question large homes that insulate us from community and figure out what we really need. Let’s replace bigger with better. Let’s shed rooms designed for a single purpose and replace them with flexible well-designed spaces where people can gather, relax and recharge.”


Scott Bennett

Founder + Principal Designer // HOUSEFISH
“I’m looking forward to not looking forward. I’ve spent most of my life looking toward the future – it’s a common vice of designers. The present is all we really have, and it’s all too easy to let it slip away worrying about tomorrow.


Ann Hofmeister

Sales Manager // SOLESDI
“I’m most looking forward to our first full year as a new showroom in Colorado. Can’t wait for new connections and great projects! Cheers to 2018!”


Kevin Vesel

Principal + Designer // VESELBRAND
“Our heirloom product, or cimelio di famiglia is the place of connection to family & food where endless memories are created through textures, tastes and creative experiences.
In 2018 veselbrand will proudly release our new collection ” TESORO “ which seamlessly infuses our elegant and timeless European proportions with the rustic textural qualities of something old and treasured.
We look forward to sharing this new collection with our future clients and friends.”


Brian Pignanelli

Owner + Design Consultant // RIFUGIO MODERN
“2017 was a great year for us! We met and worked with some wonderful Designers, Architects, and Builders and built some strong relationships. In 2018 I’m looking forward to continuing that momentum but also adding more end users to the mix. What Rifugio can offer to a project is best discovered early in the process so I’m looking forward to finding new ways to bring people in before they start to build, while they’re “ideating”, so we can share a drink and get to know them. This is when we can really add value and expose them to the best kitchen, bath, and closet design Italy has to offer!


Mike Piche

Principal // STUDIO B
“I am looking forward to both continued and new collaborations with people who love design.


Tyler Joseph

“I’m looking forward to seeing our public safety facility for the City of Thornton come to life. It’s currently under construction, and on schedule (!) despite the dinosaur discovery. Respect for the context, desire for simplicity, and a goal of creating respite for the building users drove the design.


Brent Forget

“The thing I’m most looking forward to in 2018 is a trip to Japan. Traditional Japanese architecture and landscape design has long had an impact on modern architecture. Currently, many of the most cutting edge new projects are being built in this region. I’m looking forward to experiencing a megacity like Tokyo, and hoping it sparks ideas about how Denver can continue to grow into a world class city.


Leanna Hoff Boers

“For 2018 I’m especially looking forward to launching our HOFF Loft, which addresses the growing need for furniture suitable for smaller spaces. Millennials are enjoying city living, Boomers are downsizing, and we are featuring furniture, lighting and accessories in varied sizes, price-points, and quicker time-frames. We are also adding to our Outdoor category, introducing unique lines that are colorful, sophisticated and fun for both commercial and residential projects.


Nathan Jenkins

Senior Associate // OZ ARCHITECTURE
“I’m really excited to see how the pied-a-terre units at Economist (intersection of 16th Avenue & Humboldt Streets) will live, breathe, and how the internal community of minimalist dwellers will connect with each other and the adjacent neighborhood. Dynamic and unique spatial proportions and relationships should create a new way of living in Denver and some fascinating human interactions internally for the residents and externally throughout Uptown. We’ll find out this summer!


Maya Wright

Education Manager + Historian // KIRKLAND MUSEUM
“I cannot wait to see the excitement in visitors’ faces as they experience the new Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art for the first time! The architecture, the new acquisitions and even the wall colors in the galleries will be a treat to share with the world after all of our preparations for the last two years. I hope you find the museum to be as colorful and inspiring as I do—a feast for the senses and a tribute to Colorado art and good design.


Adam Harding

“I am looking forward to working on an intimate Japanese restaurant project that opens up to beautiful Japanese gardens. The project takes ideas of a hidden forest and brings in the natural materials and landscape to the inside. It abstracts the notion of a forest landscape and deals with the elements of bark, stone, moss, and the canopy. It will create a warm and intimate dining space that will be unique and very special.


Frank Harney

Senior Director of Business Development // OFFICESCAPES
“Growth, creativity, and community collaboration! As we continue to build on the success of our expanded Market Street Studio location, we have two more new showroom workspaces coming in 2018, including an overhaul of our Stapleton headquarters and the exciting revamp of our former LoDo location – more to come on that soon…We also have added great new talent and new additions to our product portfolio. Looking forward to tons of great new adventures in 2018!


Carla Dore

“2018 is going to be an exciting year to continue our record growth in the thriving State of Colorado.  Our organization has great opportunities to continue to cultivate growth in 2018 by remaining customer-centric and enhancing our workplace divisions, providing our customers with excellence at every level. We will continue to offer a diverse portfolio of products and applications to our current and prospective customers, and with our newly expanded technology and architectural products divisions, offer even more turnkey results. Gratitude is a big part of our culture and I’m grateful that Workplace Resource has wonderful clients, new and old, a knowledgeable team of experts and a growing economy which promises a successful 2018.


John Eding

Director of Communications + Marketing // CLYFFORD STILL
“I’m looking forward to the opening of the Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art at its new location down the street from us in March. It will be a beautiful step forward for the Golden Triangle Creative District. In the realm of design and visual communication, I just discovered the photoshop wizard Sean Tejaratchi and his clever blog on tumblr, LiarTownUSA. So I also look forward to a lot of chuckles and inspiration this year.


Meredith Dale

Founding Principal // SORT STUDIO
“In 2018 we expand our palettes, and convince clients to expand theirs. Playing with color is high on my agenda this year… persuading people to move beyond the monochrome is the first challenge, but the world needs more fun this year!


Brian Dale

Founding Principal // SORT STUDIO
“New year, new technologies, old materials. 2018 for Sort Studio is about pushing cutting-edge fabrication technologies with traditional building materials like wood, brick and steel. In that vein we are looking forward to our first CLT project – an urban forest house.


Sarah Brown

“Every new year I remind myself how important balance is in my life. I love the thrill of working on exciting projects and at the same time knowing the importance of other experiences. So- I’m looking forward to keeping my pulse on the energy in Denver AND recharging with many weekends with family and friends in the mountains, a few long weekends exploring progressive cities and hopefully a week or two immersing myself in a new culture somewhere new.


Jeff Sheppard

“As many of you know, I’ll be retiring in mid-2018. I’m looking forward to change. To a new chapter. To spending more time with my wife Carolina who has such a significant impact on my career and my architecture. And of course, I’m really looking forward to the work that will be accomplished by the new crop of designers and architects here at the office. We have some really talented people in the firm and it’s been really special watching them grow and come into their own. We’re doing a new project for Sushi Den, several new retail projects in California and some local police stations that are on the boards that really extend our vocabulary. Can’t wait to see these under construction.”


Tana Anderson

Principal // LIVSTUDIO
“I am so excited about the possibilities of 2018 with greenlight LAB. When we first envisioned the LAB concept, it began as a place to bring design and community together. It is my hope and desire that with greenlight LAB we can intertwine makers from across the city (and nation) to the fabric of our community. I hope to foster our own LIVstudio team by allowing space to explore and grow their own personal design interest… from designing/building their own custom furniture, in their exploration of new materials such as concrete fabric, to pushing the limits of technology in design. I look forward to encouraging young professionals that are searching for outlets to keep creating, while building new and nurturing old relationships as we all do life together in this city that I love.”


Brian Berryhill

“In 2018 I am looking forward to the completion of a Police Station we designed in Fort Worth, Texas. It’s a lean, linear project that utilizes tilt wall construction for the exterior walls and the central interior corridor wall. Working with the Fort Worth PD, we implemented design interventions based on our research to better deal with the psychological impacts of policing.”


Kimberly Timmons

“This year KTI is celebrating our 20th year in business, and it’s already off to a great start! We already have a record number of projects on the books and it’s only the beginning of the first quarter. Many exciting  projects are installing this year for our Merchandising, Hospitality and Residential teams across the country. We’re also very lucky to be recognized with several honors from the nation’s leading design associations in the coming weeks including 6 National design awards at the International Builders show.”


Jonas DiCaprio

“This year we are looking forward to working on the issue of ‘affordability’ or more appropriately ‘attainability’ in housing. Construction of new homes and renovations like the ones we do in Denver are becoming unattainable for most people as costs for materials and trades continue to increase exponentially. We want to work on finding solutions in our workshop and with local makers to help control costs. Whether that’s building prefab structures, modular design and building, or focusing on more density and less overall square footage. We believe there are solutions out there and we look forward to working toward them this year.”


Lauren Redifer

Project Manager // TRES BIRDS WORKSHOP
“This year, I’m looking forward to watching as Uchi comes to life from our drawings into built reality. There are a lot of unique design moments throughout this project that will be really exciting to see as the project continues to be built, even before it’s finished. Once everything comes together, I think it’s going to be quite something.”


Scott Parker

“New projects in new places! We love our Colorado relationships, however 2017 took us to Salida, Maui and Bossolasco. Site visits are in order for 2018!”


Darrin Alfred

Associate Curator // DENVER ART MUSEUM
“I look forward to the process of planning new galleries at the Denver Art Museum, specifically designed to showcase the museum’s vast modern and contemporary design collection in the renovated North Building. Much of this collection has never been seen by the public. These expanded spaces will offer an exciting opportunity to make design more visible and accessible to our visitors, as well as demonstrate the important role that design plays in our everyday lives. This will be the first time that the museum has appropriately scaled, dedicated galleries for modern and contemporary design, and in preparation, we have been acquiring new work. It is my hope that these new galleries will add to recent conversations surrounding architecture and design in Denver.”


Carissa M. Thompson

“KTI’s hospitality team has been working on the interior design of an Active Adult Community Clubhouse, which began its schematic phases in 2014. It’s been such an exciting journey for our team over the past 5 years and we trust it’ll be a stunning hub for the residents of the community. KTI has already been honored to receive recognition from NAHB’s 55+ Housing Awards, for Best 55+ Clubhouse on the Boards category last year for the project. We are scheduled to install the furnishings and final touches this spring and we can’t to see it all come together after so many years of hard work.”


Jed MacKenzie

Senior Project Designer // BULTHAUP KITCHEN
“In 2018, kitchen design gets personal. More and more people are looking for kitchens with individuality, something special that reflects their personal style. By getting to know our clients as people, we get to create something bespoke, unique and timeless!”


Drew Marlow

“Stamped and signed in 2017, we’re anxious to see the interior architectural design work of the last two years constructed for DaVita. They leased another 360,000sf opposite the prototype World Headquarters, completed in 2014, establishing DaVita’s downtown campus which flanks LoDo’s iconic millennium bridge. Set to occupy this fall, we’ll enjoy the progress each month as Saunders Construction realizes our vision in the physical form. 2018 is guaranteed to be rewarding!”


Brad Tomecek

“I am looking forward to continued growth in 2018 on all fronts. Personally, I look to be mindful and appreciate quality time with my family.  Professionally, I am excited to explore the places our projects take us. Lastly, I am eager to engage in thoughtful design conversations with the unique personalities that cross my path.”


Katie Gargaro

Project Engineer // STUDIO NYL
“As a structural engineer, I am looking forward to reinforcing the foundations of communities as they construct projects that will lift them up, strengthening connections with students as they learn to appreciate the elegance of good design, and supporting our client’s dreams as they push the boundaries of what can be accomplished.”


Mike Moore

Founder + Design Principal // TRES BIRDS WORKSHOP
“I am looking forward to the diversity of the project types, scale, and locations of Tres Birds’ work this year; an art museum for outsiders, sustainable workforce housing, city parks, reclamation of a housing tower, a totem pole for the animals of Denver. This diversity energizes me and the varied projects all end up informing one another in unexpected/positive ways.”


Kristin Kyser

Director of BD + Marketing // JORDY CONSTRUCTION
“This year marks Jordy Construction’s 60th anniversary. As we reflect on all the ways we’ve seen Colorado grow and develop over the years, we are proud of the role we have played in shaping the built environment. Jordy Construction has had a hand in some of Colorado’s most iconic restaurants, corporate offices and ground-up construction. Moving into 2018, we look forward to continuing to provide our expertise across a variety of construction project types. We believe Colorado is well positioned to set a national example for how cities can and should grow, and we are excited to be a part of that.”


Rick Epstein

“I am looking forward to advancing the design of the Bohn Farm project into a sustainable, integrated community. Given the amount of change in this growing region, I look forward to advancing the cause of great design through general advocacy, through my projects, and through my role on the Design Review Board at the University of Colorado. Finally I hope to realize my lifelong dream to ski the Haute Route in Switzerland!”


Melissa Marlow

“Every day presents infinite opportunities for choice. I plan to spend this year focusing on the little things that make a difference. Slowing down to offer attentive time towards my clients, my friends, my family, and myself. Design is in the details, and I plan to craft a special year in 2018.”


Josh Wills

Designer + Creative Director + Partner // CONSUME AND CREATE
“I’m looking forward to what I anticipate being one of the most challenging years of my life, both professionally and personally. We have some tremendous opportunities in front of us at the studio, but they will not come easy or simply be handed to us. To fully realize these opportunities we’ll need to be disciplined, humble, and stay passionate as we grow and work outside of our comfort zones collectively. 2018 offers us a blank slate to learn from the mistakes we made and build on the knowledge we gained over the past three years. There has been one constant that is as true today as it was when we first opened the studio… show up everyday, work your ass off, and good things will happen. Time to lace up the gloves and start dancing.”


Chelsea Amell

Interior Designer // STANTEC
“In 2018, I’m looking forward to the wide range of opportunities that are available now as Stantec.  Specifically, the access to more diversified project types, as well as a greater network of resources and industry leaders.”


Ransom Beegles

I am looking forward to illustrating the principals of modern and minimalist design that are not only applicable but resourceful for any project regardless of scale, budget, environment, etc… We are compelled to develop projects which provide innovative design which helps communities with cultural and infrastructural solutions from a pragmatic level. I love the modern opportunities we have collaborated upon, but want to find ways to bring that to others who may not have the resources or opportunities to experience these places or experiences.”


Renée del Gaudio

“For me, 2018 is going to be about authenticity. I’m going to cut out the noise and pay attention, observe, ask the right questions. What is the climate, landscape, and history of a site telling me? I want to design buildings that feel so inextricably tied to site that you just couldn’t imagine them anywhere else. To me, that’s when I’ve found an authentic design solution.”


Ben Niamthet

Associate Principal // BURKETT EUA
“This is a year to re-engage – How can we push design to look backwards at the basic fundamental human needs and to create inspirational environments that enhance meaningful relationships?”


Cary D'Alo Place

Architect // ARCH11
“I’m looking forward to the ways in which I can be active in my local and state community. Architects & designers are in a unique position as creators of space and environments to engage in social issues, whether it’s advocating protections for our environment or equal opportunity for women and people of color. 2018 is the year to have our voices join the conversation.”


Gillian Johnson

Principal // BURKETT EUA
“I’m excited about the growing movement towards inclusivity.  I’m looking forward to designing spaces that cultivate and celebrate diversity of gender, age, ethnicity, and work styles.  To me, being inclusive is the key to life and the key to great office culture!”


Blake Mourer

“Control is impossible and balance is in constant flux. We are all on fast forward chasing deadlines, and looking well beyond the moment.  My goal is to be more present, more aware and more balanced as a result.  I know this is the only way to sustain the pace of the industry and remain a relevant contributor to our creative community.”


Emily Adams

Founder + Design Director // NEO ERA
“I’m looking forward to the unexpected adventures, projects and people I’ll encounter this year. The seemingly smallest decisions to start a conversation with a stranger, attend an event when I’m completely exhausted, or even asking someone a simple question have led to some of the greatest and most unexpected outcomes in my life. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d become an architect, own a business, work internationally, bear 2 amazing daughters, and live in this gorgeous city and state. In 2018 I look forward to discovering more of the world and humanity…the greatness of it and even its incredible challenges.”


Julian Lineham

Founding Principal // STUDIO NYL
“I’m looking forward to Studio NYL’s most fun and challenging project this year being in Colorado. I also dream of collaborating on a building structure that moves.”


Jon Hartman

“2018 will be da’ bomb for the following reasons: humanist type, profanity, 3D printed furniture, Korean BBQ, modern chandeliers, Waves Cuba & Hong Kong, negative space, hotel market halls, desaturated tones, parametric facades, Zima, and the return of the sunken living room.”


Megan Hudacky

Founder // CKY DESIGN
“Things we’re smiling about in the new year, amazing clients, a historic residential renovation, a friend’s home in Connecticut, design trips, and launching my new baby, Cold Saturday. A furniture and object studio with the items designed by me and built by others.”


Chad Mitchell

President // MERIDIAN 105
“I am looking forward to the spring groundbreaking of our Tennyson Mixed Use project in the Berkeley neighborhood. Seeing that come to fruition will be special. We are also starting some unique new commercial projects. The early work is always a lot of fun, developing creative ideas with our clients.”


Ken Andrews

Principal // ARCH11
“Over the past several years Arch11 has been very fortunate as we continue to attract fantastic clients that provide us with rich design opportunities. Personally, I am really excited to see several major ongoing projects complete construction this year, one of the most exciting moments for an architect. It is very rewarding to see our clients delightfully make use of their homes and businesses after so much collaborative effort. Additionally, I am very optimistic about 2018 as we launch the year with an abundance of zeal kicking off numerous projects around the country with many firsts for the studio including a new corporate headquarters and an artist’s retreat.”


Sarah Barker

“This year, I am excited to deliver on one of my most important of deadlines- baby boy Barker due January 26th! I am also thrilled to continue at IA Interior Architects in my new position as we work on a project that will transform Denver’s skyline from the inside out. Designed using cutting-edge virtual reality technology to fully understand the capabilities of the space, Unicom will have a high level of refined detail within the interior while delivering a powerful design aesthetic that will be visible from beyond the top floor of 1144 15th Street. I am also excited to expand our efforts with Denver Does Design as we aim to offer a way to connect all local members of the design community with a shared calendar of events and collaborations.”


Cress Carter

“I’m looking forward to the first full year of construction on a great project with the team at Rowland+Broughton. We are applying commercial construction standards to this private residence, and it’s a very good learning experience for the entire construction team!”


Rick Sommerfeld

Architect + Assistant Professor // UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO DENVER
“I’m looking forward to working with the newest group of Colorado Building Workshop students, to collaborating with our interdisciplinary partners, and continuing to grow our community. My favorite project is always the next one.”


David Smith

Owner + Director // DAVID B SMITH GALLERY
“I look forward to presenting intelligent, socially relevant, stunning art exhibitions by emerging and established artists from Denver and all over the world. This is a time of great change and growth—especially in Colorado—and all of us at the gallery are excited to expand our conversations in order to enhance the cultural landscape of this region.”


Tom Gallagher

“I am looking forward to completing our Sugar Square Project on Wazee Street, and the continued success for our projects completed in 2017 at the Hotel Born, Citizen Rail and Tavernetta Restaurants. I’m also excited about all of our new projects breaking ground this year.
I’m looking forward to the discussions around gentrification, and displaced DIY spaces for artists, brought about by Meow Wolf’s announcement that it is coming to Denver. I’m hopeful for a positive direction for our houseless community thru initiatives like the Beloved Community Village by the Colorado Village Collaborative. As I do every year, I am also looking forward to meeting every single deadline in front of me….except that I’m already behind!”


Kevin Stephenson

Principal + Architect // BOSS ARCHITECTURE
“I am looking forward to simplifying in 2018. Life and architectural design, both attract clutter that accumulates slowly, almost imperceptibly, until you are looking around you through a haze of sorts. At BOSS, we are disciplined at removing and filtering out the chaos and distilling the design down to its essence, and this year I want to apply that to my personal life as well. Doing less, but doing it better.”


Brandon Anderson

Principal // LIVSTUDIO
“I’m looking forward to exhibiting some of our firm’s work in the 2018 Venice Biennale. It will be fun to share this moment abroad with our staff in celebration of their diligent and thoughtful work.”


Chris Davis

“2018 is going to be a great year…where upon much love, effort, and time, a handful of our projects at BOSS will realize completion. Several happy clients will be moving into some pretty exceptional homes, and a few more exciting restaurants are going to be hitting the scene this year. On a personal note, I’m always looking forward to the next opportunity to travel!”


Tim Laughlin

Associate + Project Architect // SURROUND ARCHITECTURE
“For me, 2018 brings about a desire for reduction, or maybe distillation is a better word. A move towards simplicity. I want to focus on what is essential in our projects and create spaces which tell the story without diversion.”


Scott Jordan

Principal // CIVITAS
“In 2018, I am looking forward to working with our amazing team of Civi-tots to continue growing the firm’s culture and expanding our impact on city building projects across North America. On a personal level, I am looking forward to breaking ground on our long delayed Plaza de Panama project that will convert over 6 acres of roadways and parking lots into new plazas and pedestrian promenades in San Diego’s historic Balboa Park.”


Adam Gildar

Owner + Director // GILDAR GALLERY
“In 2018 I’m looking forward to Vacation. This is the name of a collective gallery in New York in the Lower East side that we are forming with an exciting roster of other contemporary galleries from across the continent. This project is part of a wave of new collaborative models being explored by emerging and midsize galleries that share an aim of disrupting the traditional market model built on scarcity and competition in favor of mutual abundance. It feels good to be working with a professional community that will benefit each of the individual galleries while leveraging our various strengths to create something that has the potential to be much greater than the sum of its parts. The gallery, located at 24 Orchard St. opens with a group show in February and then each of us will have a month to program our own exhibitions. Ours is in November, and while I can’t share yet what the show is going to contain, it will definitely be building on the art program we’ve been growing here in Denver over the last six years.”


Angie Graham

“As an interior designer that loves to help clients restore mid-century modern homes, I am thankful every day that my obsession has turned into a career. To be a part of improving one’s home, sharing a vision, and executing the design, is a remarkable space to be in. Most of my clients prefer a blend of mid-century and modern styles.  To achieve this look, I prefer to locally source goods. In 2018, I look forward to working and building more relationships with Denver artisans and designers that can help fulfill this style.”


George Harrison

“Our team at Harrison Home Systems is looking forward to increasing our efforts to educate the design community in 2018. The Technology Industry changes and evolves faster than most others, so proactively helping our design industry partners understand these new applications and possibilities is important. The recent and compelling advances in voice control, dimmable lighting control, and seamless technology concealment, just to name a few, within the designed environment are significant. We are excited to share our knowledge with those in our community who care about great design!”