Architects at Home: Chris Davis

Architects at Home: Extra

Chris Davis - BOSS.architecture

Eighteen pages in our Winter 2017/2018 issue was simply not enough space to cover all of the incredible images shot by photographer James Florio or share all of the insights provided by the great architects who participated in our “Architects at Home” project. Included below are additional images and comments by Chris Davis (BOSS.architecture) about his relationship to his home.

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“Our home really is a sanctuary. It is circuital in many layers: each room, the overall floor plan, the site plan, the landscaping, the neighborhood. No matter where you are, you have options. No dead ends is a beautiful thing, and it’s a beautiful thing to be in and to watch a family grow in.”
“Our house (when we purchased it 4 years ago) was super original and vintage. From 50+ years of black stained circulation patterns, greased deep into the white(ish) shag living room carpet, to the smokers’ patina adorned ceilings, to wall papered walls, upon wall papered walls, to the aquarium themed window wells (with suspended fish, fake coral, and seaweed backdrops).”
“We LOVE this house, its layout, and its location. We have refinished just about everything in it and about it (some things twice) all while doing our best to respect what this house has always been and hopefully always will be.”
“Our house was one of the first homes built in Crestmoor Filing by the original contractor that built much of Crestmoor. He built this house for himself
and his own family.”
“It’s a wonderful (yet anonymous) mid-century ranch that has helped defined this neighborhood since its inception.”
“In our current place and time where history isn’t as valued as highest and best use, we’re very proud to give our home another life! Covered outdoor space is what’s up! At BOSS we always preach courtyards, courtyards, courtyards … but I would say have undervalued covered outdoor space (until now).”
“Being able to be outside 3+ seasons a year in rainstorms, the occasional hail storm, and even snow is surprisingly nice.”