Architects at Home: Scott Lindenau

Architects at Home: Extra

Scott Lindenau - Studio B

Eighteen pages in our Winter 2017/2018 issue was simply not enough space to cover all of the incredible images shot by photographer James Florio or share all of the insights provided by the great architects who participated in our “Architects at Home” project. Included below are additional images and comments by Scott Lindenau (Studio B) about his relationship to his home. You can read the original article HERE.

“The art within our house and office are collected memories that serve as reminders to the perspective and insight we have gained through our global travels. They add to the richness of our lives and are selected from the adventures we have had and often to lead to conversations over dinner.”
“The solitude and privacy of the neighborhood was surprising and unexpected. We have the ability to listen to the river below and the rustling of the aspen leaves around us, and yet we are within two minutes to downtown Aspen.”
“We are perched in a dense aspen stand as the topography slopes away from the rear of the house. During the winter months, we feel embraced by the alpine landscape and in the warmer months we are perched in the canopy of Aspen leaves and hidden, resulting in a contrast of exposure and secrecy. We live outside on the rear terrace in privacy during the warmer months.”
“We didn’t change anything structurally with the house: simply new exterior and interior paint, new carpet and tidied up what was a very trash-ridden property.”