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MID Photo Essay: A Field Trip

Welcome to Modern In Denver’s first photo essay series. Here, we give a talented photographer free reign to explore the modern world through his or her lens. We’re sure to end up with inspiring insight into the way trained eyes see the spaces we pass on the street. It may have us slowing down for a closer look. In any case, we hope you’re as inspired as we are by the possibilities and perspectives offered in these professional takes.

Modern In Denver cover, Fall 2012

Trevor Brown Jr. and his son Shaw venture out into the city to view a sample of the incredible public art and museums we’ve got in our backyard. The results are a wonderful vantage from the viewpoint of a parent that offer the sense of scale a child must feel in these public spaces.

Trevor Brown, Jr. is a Denver based commercial and editorial photographer specializing in architectural, portrait, and sports photography. While the first 9 years of his career were mostly spent on the sidelines of some of the biggest sporting events in the world, the focus of his work changed in 2010 when he decided he needed to grow again as a photographer. His childhood fascination with Architectural Digest guided him to start shooting residential interiors. Since then, he has photographed several stories for Modern In Denver as well as various projects for some of Denver’s top designers and architects. He currently lives in the Denver area with his wife Kristin and their two sons Shaw, and Luke. To view his portfolio of more than a decade, visit www.trevorbrownphotography.com

Words and Images: 
Trevor Brown, Jr.