Spotlight: Karma Denver

The Karma Revero

Intentional Design and Technological Innovation Make the Vehicle Both Easy on the Eyes and the Environment

Modern In Denver‘s Kris Scott presents a look at the Karma Revero, a car that screams sustainability and innovation. With a high-end entertainment system, fine wood detailing, and smooth leather interiors, the Revero is a combination of performance, style, and luxury. Read more below!

Karma Automotive likes to say that their electric car, the Revero, introduced in late 2016, “stirs the soul.” And that is certainly true. For starters, it’s a beautiful piece of overall machinery that inspires double takes from other drivers.

There are other features , though, that at first glance, might seem like the usual calling cards of a luxury vehicle. For example, a seamless expanse of roof encased in tinted glass, or the interior’s sumptuous wood trim. But it’s the underlying function and design of these features, and others, that is truly impressive. Indeed, Karma Automotive might stir the soul because it’s a car company dedicated to intentional design that also seems to have a conscience, due in part to its commitment to sustainability. Or, as the folks at Karma like to say, “Conspicuous without all the consumption.”

The Revero is a plug-in electric vehicle, or PHEV, driven by a twin-motor hybrid powertrain that supplies 50 miles of fully electric drivability and 300 miles of combined gas and electric power. “Imagine the coupling of a Corvette and Rolls-Royce Ghost, but with diminished carbon dioxide emissions,” wrote the Robb Report in a Revero review earlier this year. A PHEV is impressive in its own right due to its sustainability, but the Revero doesn’t stop there. That streamlined roof, for instance, is actually a solar panel, designed to optimize sunlight angles to power both the car’s 12 volt and high voltage batteries, contributing up to three extra miles of range on a sunny day. This means, for example, that you can leave your Revero at the airport and drive home on the power of the sun. There’s also the interior — the Revero’s wood detailing is harvested from fallen tree timbers.

With a minimum price tag of $130,000, the Karma isn’t for everyone, of course. But those who can afford it will find that its appeal doesn’t stop at its ecologically friendly features. “The Karma Revero is not a traditional European luxury car, and not a high-volume product like a Tesla,” says Jim Taylor, Karma’s Chief Revenue Officer. “It’s unlike anything else because of its unique styling, blend of technology, custom variations and the personalized service offered to owners by Karma.”

The Revero’s interior has been referred to as a “mobile day spa,” and Taylor explains why. “The exterior design, with its flowing lines and curves, is mirrored in the vehicle’s interior. It is upholstered in Bridge of Weir leather that has an illustrious history of supplying leather to automakers,” he says, referencing the Scottish tannery that’s been in business since 1905. That sense of history marries with technological innovation in the Revero, too, “a clean and elegant infotainment system built with the user in mind,” Taylor continues, “and designed from the ground up to be fast and intuitive. It incorporates over-the-air updates and Apple CarPlay.”

Karma Denver marketing manager Steven Wiskow notes that the car is also Colorado winter friendly. “It performs like a dream in snow due to the car’s weight and Regen mode 3” — one of the car’s three deceleration modes — “which means never touching the brakes and thus no sliding.” Wiskow adds that the car resonates with design and tech enthusiasts because of its “style, comfort, performance and exclusivity.”

The vehicle, says Taylor, “really reflects the company’s ambition to offer leading unique design, technology, customization and an outstanding customer experience.”

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