Business Spotlight: Shaver-Ramsey

Business Spotlight

Shaver-Ramsey’s Magic 40-Year Carpet Ride

Modern In Denver sat down with founder Paul Ramsey to talk about choosing the right rug for your space.

T wenty years ago, it was common for rugs and textiles to be handed down between generations of families as cherished heirlooms. As time has passed and personal styles diversified, the American family began to embrace rugs as a way to define individual style. As such, families are drawn toward contemporary patterns more than traditional designs.

Shaver-Ramsey was around to see this design evolution firsthand. More than 40 years ago its namesake owner, Paul Ramsey, opened a small storefront in the Cherry Creek neighborhood with a commitment to providing the best and most unique rugs and textiles. Today, with his business partner Elizabeth Vehko, Shaver-Ramsey now hosts a 5,000-square-foot showroom that’s known as an upscale shopping destination in Denver.

Q: What’s your first piece of advice for a client looking to purchase a fine rug?

A: Find a business you can trust. A fine rug is a bigger purchase for a house, so clients should be sure to find a company that will let them try a rug in the home on approval. We found early on that our clients needed to see the rug in their home setting.

Q: Where in the design process should rugs be considered?

A: We always recommend that clients start with the rug. There are infinite colors you can paint a wall, infinite fabrics you can source for custom curtains — but rugs are a more challenging piece to find in exactly the right color and style. It’s easier to work the design of a room around a fine rug than the other way around.

Q: How does someone decide if they want a modern or traditional style rug?

A: It really depends on the style of the space. More often than not, if someone has a house with clean and modern lines, they’ll typically be drawn to modern rug designs. But we have seen some clients pair a beautiful, traditional rug as a way to create a stylistic juxtaposition among their eclectic art pieces.

Shaver-Ramsey is located at 589 Fillmore Street at the southwest corner of East 6th Avenue and Fillmore. Visit them online at

Amanda B. Hinton