Inside Christopher’s Kitchen and Bath in Denver sits the country’s first James Bond-inspired, German-made BT45 kitchen installation.

WordsElizabeth Liberatore


Trademarked by an impeccably sleek and tailored style, Secret Intelligence Service agent James Bond — code name 007 — commands the attention of any room he enters. And if Bond’s dapper wardrobe weren’t enough to turn heads, his collection of the latest high-tech gadgets certainly will. The same is true of the super-luxe BT45 kitchen, inspired by London’s most revered secret agent himself, which proudly sits in the Denver showroom of Christopher’s Kitchen and Bath. 

A fourth-generation family-owned business, Christopher’s Kitchen and Bath launched exclusively as a plumbing company in 1959. In 1981, its Englewood showroom opened with expanded services and product offerings, including kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, fixtures, accessories, and more. After establishing itself as a household name in Colorado for all things kitchen and bath design and remodel, the company launched a second showroom in Capitol Hill in fall 2019. 

Sitting front and center of the new showroom is a BT45 kitchen by German manufacturer Bauformat. Underneath Bauformat’s “BauTeam” sits a collection of family brands, including BauCloset, Bauformat, BAULUX, and BT45. Christopher’s is the only distributor of Bauformat in the Centennial State and in late 2019, it became the first showroom in the country to house an ultra-luxe BT45 kitchen. 

The most show-stopping feature of the BT45 is housed in its island. A mechanism raises or lowers the entire workspace by six inches. A secret liquor cabinet also emerges from the back countertop, storing top-shelf bottles for a 007 classic martini. See the full video here.

“European manufacturers don’t put everything into the U.S. market right away, so having the first BT45 installation right here in the U.S.—in our showroom—was incredibly special,” says Austin Ardrey, general manager of Christopher’s Kitchen and Bath. 

Just one look at the BT45 will have anyone convinced it is a piece of art and the most luxurious place to prepare a sandwich or cocktail. From leather cabinetry to Nero Marquina marble countertops, unique and precious components come together to make a bold impact. Clean lines, varying textures, and deep colors characterize the space. Everything is fully automated, too, meaning a light touch or bump will open every drawer and door, both of which have soft closures. Dinner parties will never be the same with bespoke accessories made of black oak, solid stainless, and set in a matte black finish, which accompany every BT45 kitchen.

Apart from looks, the kitchen boasts advanced technology. Its most show-stopping feature is housed in the center island, where a mechanism raises or lowers the entire workspace by six inches. State-of-the-art appliances are tucked away and appear when needed by way of a tap or knock. And proving nothing about this kitchen is as it seems, a secret liquor cabinet perfect for storing top-shelf bottles emerges from the back countertop with a touch of a button.

Ardrey adds, “BT45 is all about the possibilities. By having a completely decked out installation, we’re showing clients all the possibilities, all the special options they can have.”