Our 50 Favorite Images from 2021

As design lovers, we live for the visual. We look to imagery to find inspiration, instruction, comfort, or pleasure—all of which we needed in great measure this last year. As we reflect on the peaks and valleys of 2021, we're grateful for the sustenance the Colorado design community continues to provide. Thank you to the makers and visionaries, and to you, our dedicated readers. Please enjoy our 50 favorite images, compiled from stories published in Modern in Denver's four 2021 issues.
Each image links to its story!

The images displayed here were taken by a variety of talented photographers and artists including Jess Blackwell, Mark Bryant Photographics, JC Buck, Aleks Butman, Michael deLeon Photo, James Florio, Kimberly Gavin, David Lauer, Brandon Lopez, Jason O’Rear, RLI Photo, Parrish Ruiz de Velasco, Travis Rummel, Joni Schrantz, Stephan Werk, and Draper White, among others.