Design In Bloom 2013 | Our Modern Floral Design Event

Thanks to everyone who came to Design In Bloom! It was a huge success and we hope you had fun. We would also like to thank all of the participants, Heather Mourer from open studio architecture, Ranson Beegles from R Design, the Design Platform team, Natalie Brown from Roth+Sheppard Architects and Brian Milnick, Anthony Mazzeo and David Morris from GroundWorks, for taking the time to imagine and design such interesting floral arrangements and vessels. Thanks to Brad Ueker, The Plant Guy, for all of his assistance and guidance. And a special thanks to SPIRE* for partnering with us and for giving us an inside look at four of their model homes and allowing us to party in the SkyLounge! Didn’t make it? Check out photos from the event!


Image | Crystal Allen


Arrangement in 9 acrylic cubes by Natalie Brown, from Roth+Sheppard Architects.


Arrangement using a glass vases and bamboo by Heather Mourer from open studio architecture.


Arrangement in custom pour concrete by Ransom Beegles of R Design.


Party-goers in the SkyLounge.


Arrangement in custom molds from the old Ironton Factory by Brian Milnick, Anthony Mazzeo and David Morris of GroundWorks.


Arrangement using glass vases by Brad Ueker, The Plant Guy.


Arrangement in custom poured concrete and steel insert by the Design Platform team.

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