Micro Housing | Party

Micro Housing Ideas Competition Exhibition Party  | May 10th

Modern In Denver is excited to be a sponsor for the 2013 Micro Housing Ideas Competition. The Denver Architectural League has put a call out to architects and designers to share their ideas for an 8 unit micro housing complex near the Taxi community. Entrants will submit innovative ideas that address multi-family housing “thriveability”  using appropriate design, technology, and materials. Interested in entering? You have until May 1st!

Want to see the models? All the entries will be on exhibit at a party on May 10th at the Temenos Gallery located inside the Roth Sheppard Architects office. The party is free and open to the public. If you can’t make it to the event on May 10th the exhibition will be on display at the Temenos Gallery inside Roth Sheppard through June 23rd. The winners will be announced May 17th!

Come take a look at what living smaller really means. For more information visit the Micro Housing Ideas Competition website.


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