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Transition to spring with bicycle living, disaster avoidance and the “Be’s” of modern landscape design.



We swoon for Spring at Modern In Denver. Or at least the promise of what the season will bring – warmer weather, blooming flowers and being outdoors. Because here in Colorado, as any perspicacious gardener will tell you, don’t plant ‘till after Mother’s Day. Spring, to us, is about transformation and transition even if that means appreciating the indoors a bit longer.

We’ve splattered the latest issue with transformative tales to get everyone through the seasonal transition. The new issue includes a series of stories on bicycles, a peek into disaster architecture and, of course, gorgeous photographs to gawk at as the ground thaws. The spring issue, available March 15, is 124-pages full of how colorful modern life can be in Denver with stories including:

  • Our cover story goes inside the curated loft of Brian Tschumper, a radiologist by profession, one of Denver’s biggest art supporters in life.
  • Ever wonder what a Doomsday Dwelling looks like? Get to know the team behind F9 Productions, Lance Cayko and Alex Gore, who visually answer the question “How would nature grow a skyscraper?” The architectural designers created structures to withstand earthquakes, capture water and produce their own food and energy.
  • Inside Cruise, the new bike-themed apartment near City Park where every tenant gets a free cruiser.
  • The 5 Be’s of modern landscape. If you really want your modern home to look smart, don’t ignore the landscape. Our tips for keeping it modern and consistent.
  • A look into the creative process of Boulder design studio Berger & Föhr where what you get is what you see.
  • There’s more than one way to make a bed. And table. And chair. In “Transform,” we explore the multiple ways furniture has been recreated into multi-functional pieces.  
  • Our regular foodie feature, Ingredients, fixates on Cherry Creek hotspot True Foods Kitchen, and explores its philosophy and open-kitchen interior, plus a recipe to share.
  • And a little reminder that it still snows in spring, Andrew Pogue took his camera and captured the beauty of winter by showing how snow alters architecture.


Enjoy this issue and celebrate the transformative beauty and power of spring. And spread the word far and wide. For we are nothing without the support of our community.


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