Dishwasher Giveaways at Design In Bloom!

Design in Bloom-73At our annual Design In Bloom on April 30, event sponsor Thurston Kitchen & Bath and Bosch gave away not one but two dishwashers!

Design in Bloom-36

After viewing 15 innovative floral displays from architects and designers, nibbling, drinking, and mingling, attendees circled around as Modern In Denver magazine held a live drawing for a dishwasher from Bosch and Thurston Kitchen & Bath. The prize: a 24″ Pocket Handle, stainless steel dishwasher from Bosch.

Modern in Denver Bloom

The first winner called did not claim his prize, so a second winner was named. The crowd was suspenseful as a runner-up winner was announced. But with 500 people in attendance, from a packed crowd eventually emerged the first winner. Faced with a tough decision of who should win, Thurston Kitchen & Bath and Bosch stepped up to the plate, and wound up giving away not one, but TWO dishwashers!

Design in Bloom-72

Congratulations to the winners on their new Bosch dishwashers, and thanks to Thurston Kitchen & Bath for being classy.

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