Spotlight on Franz Viegener at Ultra Design Center

One of the world’s most elegant luxury faucet lines started humbly in 19th century Germany. It was in the town of Attendorn, in 1899, that Franz Viegener began manufacturing brass beer taps for the local market. Two decades later, his son led the family business into its first major international expansion by opening a new company, FV, in Buenos Aires. Their product line grew to include a wider variety of brass faucetry.


Today, those modest roots have blossomed into one of South America’s largest faucet companies, with more than 5,000 employees in Argentina and Ecuador, and more than half a billion dollars in annual sales. Their work has won three Good Design Awards and is recognized as a worldwide design leader in its field.

Their most recent addition, the Franz Viegener Premium Collection, is a high-end luxury faucet line that serves as a perfect distillation of the company’s storied reputation as design innovators. “This was a passion project conceived of to feature the height of design and handcrafted quality,” said Kevin Castelo, General Manager at Ultra Design Center. “It was built on more than 90 years of manufacturing and design experience, and it shows why FV continues to be a design leader.”


In order to maintain those lofty standards, FV built a dedicated factory within another factory. Here, every product is machined, polished, assembled, tested, and packaged to meet the meticulous specifications developed by the company’s finest designers and engineers.

For those interested in seeing for themselves what the Premium Collection is all about, there’s only one place to do so. Franz Viegener is available exclusively at Ultra Design Center

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