5 Things:

Derek Friday

The ingenuity of artists, designers, photographers, architects and other  members of the creative community is typically fueled by so many disparate things. So, this year, Modern in Denver is asking creatives all over Colorado and beyond to tell us about what’s got their attention, from books to music to products to podcasts and more. We’re kicking this series off with the subject of our winter 2018 “Immersed” designer profile, Derek Friday. Read more about him here. And click here to keep an eye on MID’s Instagram for a Derek Friday print giveaway — coming soon!
Environmental designer Derek Friday tells Modern In Denver 5 things he's into right now
Photo: JC Buck

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What are you reading?

Everything related to Iceland, mountain sport, design, food & beverage, retail trends and unfortunately politics, but all on a micro, almost speed reading, level. My brain simply can’t allow for settling into the traditional practice of absorbing a novel.


What are you watching?

Well, I’m essentially in mourning since I’ve covered all the available “The Handmaid’s Tale” episodes, but in the meantime I’ve exhausted “Black Mirror,” “Search Party,” “Narcos,” “You,” “Ugly Delicious,” “Ozark,” “The Bodyguard,” and currently tackling “Maniac,” “Sharp Objects,” “Homecoming” and as many documentaries as I can absorb.


Cause you are supporting?

POW: Engaging the trail running community in Climate Action. There is too much to say here, but just dig in and learn. We All Need Winter.

Place you are thinking of visiting?

The list is dumb long. But a few realistic ones that are upcoming:  Bears Ear National Monument, Salida, CO, for some running and to meet the DRAM Apothecary folks, a deeper experience at Zion National Park and a speaking gig and workshop at Wenzhou Kean University in Wenzhou, China. My dream focus is to get back to Iceland for a self-supported bike trip.


Hotel you want to stay at?

All the 25hours properties, especially the newly opened Royal Bavarian in Munich. I’m also obsessing over the Hotel Miramonte in Bad Gastein, Austria,  and of course I’ve yet to stay at the project I worked on, The Sagamore Pendry Hotel.