We Print. They Plant.

Modern In Denver has reforested more than 1,800 trees to date through
our Print ReLeaf partnership.
Photo: Plant With Purpose

In September of 2016, Modern In Denver joined Print ReLeaf, a company headquartered in Denver that measures our paper consumption for each printed issue and calculates the forestation impact of that consumption. But it’s what they do with that information next that is truly impressive, and the reason we were excited to partner with them in their efforts. Once Print ReLeaf has an organization’s paper expenditure gauged, that footprint is automatically offset through reforestation at planting sites of choice.

Through our partnership with Print ReLeaf, Modern In Denver has reforested more than 1,800 pine trees in Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. 

In December last year, Modern in Denver learned that, through our partnership with Print ReLeaf and their forestry partner Plant with Purpose, we have reforested more than 1,800 pine trees in Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, a number that replenishes the more than 15 million pages plus we’ve printed since the fall of 2016. These efforts help to:

Educate farmers and local school children on planting and caring for trees.

Maintain and expand tree nurseries, which provide a local source of seedlings and serve as a classroom for teaching agroforestry, composting and fruit tree grafting techniques.

Prevent erosion by strategically planting trees, which will help reduce soil attrition.

Increase reforestation of vulnerable lands by more than 25% by planting trees in watersheds and other vulnerable areas.

Establish soil conservation barriers in vulnerable areas.

Train 360 farmers in sustainable agriculture techniques, including soil conservation, environmental and economic benefits of trees, agroforestry, organic fertilizers, tree grafting, water conservation, and waste management.

While Modern In Denver is proud of our own efforts, it’s the total statistics of all the companies Print ReLeaf partners with that is truly extraordinary. As of this writing, they’ve offset the footprint of more than 40,000 metric tons of printed paper by reforesting nearly 1.1 million trees.

To learn more about the Print ReLeaf program, visit the printreleaf.com.