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Arne Jacobsen

Yes, the prolifically creative multi-hyphenate Arne Jacobsen pretty much did it all. Choose an everyday object in your house and you could likely replace it with something he designed. Clock? Yep. Rug? Yep. Lamp? Of course. Chairs? Oh, definitely — with many options to choose from on that front. Seriously, from ashtrays and ice tongs to pepper mills and a pie server, we’re not kidding when we say Jacobsen did it all. And though not everything is still in production and available for purchase, much of it is. Here is a roundup of some of our favorite pieces.
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Words: Katie Grogan

Join Design Within Reach and Modern In Denver this Saturday morning for a celebration of Arne Jacobsen’s body of work — and the 60th anniversary of his Egg Chair in particular. This event will include some breakfast treats, mimosas, prizes and a treasure hunt. 2701 E. First Ave., Denver. RSVP here.

Swan Chair

Design Within Reach is here to hook you up with many of Jacobsen’s iconic chairs. Take a load off in the Swan Chair or spin around on its swivel base. New technologies in the 50s and 60s allowed Jacobsen to shape fluid curves and single-piece molded shells. At Design Within Reach, a single upholsterer hand-sews the fabric onto the chair’s frame. Now that’s some class-A craftsmanship right there.




Arne Jacobsen Flatware

Originally designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in 1957, this set of flatware represents the essence of the Danish modern style. Sleek and contemporary, the flatware got its Hollywood debut in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey in 1968. Grab this classic minimalist set that stands the test of time (and space) at the MOMA store.




Egg Chair

The Egg Chair is undoubtedly one of Jacobsen’s greatest triumphs. A highly sculptural piece, the Egg Chair debuted at the SAS Royal Hotel and provided an organic contrast to the buildings highly linear architectural style. The design classic is designed to cocoon the sitter, allowing for privacy in public spaces. Celebrate the Egg Chair’s 60th anniversary by getting your own here!




VOLA Faucet

In collaboration with the then-owner of VOLA, Verner Overgaard, the VOLA faucet was revolutionary in that all the mechanical parts were hidden leaving only the spout and the handle to be seen by the user. Having just turned 50 last year, the design is available in 14 bright colors and a variety of finishes at Denver’s Studio IAP.



Ant Chair

Probably the unofficial underdog of this trio of chairs, the original manufacturer expressed concern about the potential of the Ant chair. Unwavering in his faith in the design, Jacobsen offered to buy all chairs that didn’t sell. Of course, he never had to follow through because the Ant Chair is now considered an enduring international success. March on over to Design Within Reach to snag some for yourself!





Arne Jacobsen Message Board

Why yes, he dabbled in typography, too. Created as signage in the city hall of Aarhus, Denmark, the typeface was inspired by the Bauhaus tradition to match the overall aesthetic effect of the building. Bring the Jacobsen typeface home with this playful yet elegant message board that will catch your eye no matter where you put it.




The AJ Floor Lamp

Simply refined and classically functional, the AJ Floor Lamp brightens up any room. Its clean lines and unimposing design make it the perfect addition to even the most confined of spaces. And in 10 color options? Yes, please.






Banker’s Wall Clock

One of Jacobsen’s last designs, the Banker’s Clock was created for the Danish National Bank. Crisply detailed but with modest character, the wall clock fits well in residential and commercial spaces. Get one for work and home here.