The owner of Creative Living, the modern outdoor furniture showroom in Denver’s Santa Fe District, talks about the company’s location, exciting product lines, and trends of the summer.

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Tell us about your new space and how you ended up there.

Stone: Our space is unique in that we have both an indoor showroom and a 7,000 square foot outdoor area. It’s located in the Santa Fe Art District, and it showcases many of the different lines we carry as well as local art from our neighbors. Many of our products are in stock for ease of purchase or “try before you buy” ordering. Our fountains and fire pits are also on display in many of the offered finishes to see in person, not just on swatches. We pride ourselves on offering so many products you can’t find anywhere else in CO and I think that’s why we’ve become such a resource for landscape architects and designers. We’ll never look or act like a corporate big box store; we strongly believe there is more to life and design.

What do you like best about being in the Santa Fe Art District?

Stone: The best part is the growing variety of people and businesses. From designers, architects and landscapers to the backyard gardener, local artist or curious student, all are amazed by the unique items we offer in a one-of-a-kind space. We provide a number of local artists with an outdoor showroom to showcase their artwork and sculpture. Diverse art communities offer the most creative communities to run a business like ours.

What outdoor pieces are people loving this summer?

Stone: Some customer favorites include our new outdoor cooking lines of custom powder-coated outdoor kitchens, patio ovens and grilling tables, as well as our exclusive line of punched metal outdoor furniture. These items are drawing the most questions and interest because they’re new to Colorado and people haven’t seen them before. Other favorites are our wide variety of modern fire pits and fountains that we have on display both in the showroom and working in our backyard.

Of the lines you carry, which ones are you most excited about?

Stone: We’re most excited about expanding our commercial and hospitality lines to include common space furnishings for multifamily residences, hotels and restaurants. All of the cranes around Denver are an indication of the number of large-scale projects underway and a fantastic growing market for the modern exterior products we offer. As the density of our city increases, so does the importance of quality design and materials in common shared spaces. We find that a majority of these clients are searching for modern, clean lines and simplicity to finish their spaces.