Top Art and Design Leaders Wowed at CODAsummit

Creatives and technologists convene in Denver for unique conference

Modern In Denver was there to document the conference CODAsummit: The Intersection of Art, Technology and Place as hundreds of art, architecture, and design professionals mingled.

A keynote address from 2022 CODAaward winner Jason Bruges started the conference, and it was only uphill from there. Aided by visuals that showcased how many of his most famous projects, such as Digital Phyllotaxy, came to be realized, Bruges took time to explain the connections between art, technology, and place. Using inspiration from nature, Bruges works with an assortment of experts and technologies to make stylish, unique, and elegant experiences. Bruges was one of many speakers at CODAsummit who are defining the ways in which the future of art and design will look.

Artist Ender Martos, whose work with METALAB and Tiburon Transmedia, Rebirth of Technology, was commissioned by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, was another standout on Thursday. Martos is a charismatic communicator who develops strong concepts and carefully-constructed artworks to their maximum potential. Other highlights of the conference included remarks from Chris Klapper, a creative who works on installations. One of Klapper’s projects is like a lively thunderstorm within a room, and certainly brings to mind opportunities for new architectural and atmospheric designs for offices, buildings, and homes. Former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold enchanted an audience on Friday with his presentation, which included many scientifically-supported comments about the beauty in our world and how it can be observed. Insights from Kris Collins, a member of both the American Institute of Architects and the U.S. Green Building Council, were also interesting, as the MGAC representative addressed some of the issues collaborative design teams face.

The end of CODAsummit: The Intersection of Art, Technology and Place was marked with the CODAawards Celebration Party!, a swanky event commemorating winners of the 10th CODAawards, some of whom were there in person to collect their trophies. Attendees enjoyed interactive projections by Iregular, digital artwork from Brett Phares, and music thanks to DJ Big Styles. People gave emotional speeches, danced, and enjoyed eating and drinking throughout the evening, giving those of us less acquainted with CODAworx an idea of just how meaningful this organization and a CODAsummit event is.