Fantastic Frank Partners with SLATE Real Estate Advisors

SLATE Real Estate Advisors introduces the U.S. market to acclaimed European brand Fantastic Frank in a partnership that promises an aesthetically-driven experience for Front Range home buyers.
Penthouse in Denver's luxury McGregor Square building in LoDo currently listed by Fantastic Frank for $5,250,000

For many in the design world, real estate listings have a certain allure, and Fantastic Frank’s strive to be the most captivating.

Founded in Stockholm in 2010, Fantastic Frank—the acclaimed European boutique real estate agency—has spent over a decade defining their aesthetic contours and honing their proprietary service, opening offices in Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, and Portugal. And now, Fantastic Frank is arriving in the U.S., right here in Colorado.

The McGregor Square penthouse listed by Fantastic Frank was designed by Kerri Burcham of Citrus and Steel Design.

This month, the brand publicly launches its partnership with SLATE Real Estate Advisors, recognized by Fantastic Frank founders as the “number one choice” for design-conscious real estate in Denver. The partnership will be led by SLATE co-founders Stan Kniss and Jorgen Jensen, whose combined decades of experience selling some of the city’s most compelling real estate make them well positioned to understand local market trends and consumer behaviors. With the Fantastic Frank model integrated, SLATE will be able to offer clients a holistic service that they believe differs from what currently exists in the marketplace.

Perched fourteen floors above the city, the McGregor Square penthouse listed by Fantastic Frank has expansive views and notable outdoor living space.

“We had to find a team that were not only highly experienced real estate agents but super successful in running their own company,” says Fantastic Frank co-founder Tomas Backman. “With Stan and Jorgen, we get professional leadership and a track record of business growth. The cherry on top was that they also share our deepest core values for sales and aesthetics.”

With their motto “Inspire to Buy,” what makes Fantastic Frank special is its comprehensive approach to marketing and selling homes. They employ art directors, interior stylists, and architectural and fashion photographers who together capture the unique appeal and potential of a property—and then use advanced digital marketing techniques to share its story.

Shopping for a property with Fantastic Frank is more akin to perusing a design publication, where curated imagery is paired with thoughtful narrative. Their approach has proved successful, catching the eye of design and real estate aficionados alike with digital marketing reaching over 1.5 million people globally per month and thousands of properties sold across Europe at an average of $1.2 million USD.

SLATE co-founder Jorgen Jensen sees Fantastic Frank’s transition into the U.S. market as an inevitability. “We believe the United States is becoming one of the most design-conscious countries in the world,” he says. “For over a century, Americans have been inspired by European design, engineering, and fabrication. You see it in the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, and just about every other consumer product imaginable. We have developed a hunger for new and fresh ideas, and we often find them in Europe. Why should real estate be any different?”

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