City to Host Community Forum on Safe, Creative Spaces

Denver Arts & Venues, Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs, Denver Fire, and Denver Community Planning & Development present a community forum on creative safe spaces for artists.


Wednesday, January 18 | 5:30 p.m.
McNichols Civic Center Building | 144 W. Colfax Ave.

Denver Fire and Community Planning & Development are providing a forum for proactively getting information to potential tenants and/or building owners regarding building and fire safety, and how to make creative space safe for occupants.

Denver Arts & Venues and the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs will share their efforts on artist live/work spaces through the Artspace study, and its implementation. Additionally, representatives from Arts & Venues and Artspace will be on hand to provide residents updates, and to discuss the national landscape regarding spaces and how Denver can benefit from other cities’ successes.

Topics to cover include:

  • Tenant safety
  • Zoning code
  • Fire code
  • Community awareness
  • Artspace study and implementation
  • National perspective on live/work spaces
  • And more


Reserve your tickets!


On February 22, Modern In Denver will also tackle the topic during our quarterly Design Conversations event. Save the date! 

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